The CuriousCity Challenge – South Mumbai

Think you know Mumbai? Think again!

A fun challenge that will uncover some of the best kept secrets in the city!


Look at Mumbai from the eyes of a city dweller and you will see a fast-paced, boring city.
Look at Mumbai from the eyes of a traveller, explore hidden corners and forgotten alleys and you will be amazed at all the wonderful things it has to offer!
Whether you know the city too well, or have hardly been around – here’s an exciting challenge for you! Join the CuriousCity Challenge, an exciting treasure hunt that helps you discover lesser known things about South Mumbai – with a bunch of strangers in your team.
Read, decode, get to location, do a task. Repeat. If you crack all the clues with your team, you could take home a special gift 🙂

Disclaimer: This is a NEW TRAIL. Those who have attended the South Mumbai challenge earlier, can join this trail again.


Discover lesser known things about known places.
Try new experiences in Mumbai.
Make Sunday fun.
Challenge old friends and make new friends.
Win and take home a special gift.


Date – 2nd October | Sunday
Location – South Mumbai

Glimpses of earlier challenges!

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Rs 430 per person


Please read a quick list of “things you should know” given below before you sign up!

Things you should know:

  • This treasure hunt is restricted to South Mumbai only
  • No late arrivals allowed – please be on time or you’ll miss it!
  • Winning is fun, but it’s even more fun to discover new things about your city. So don’t just hurry yourself into the next task, keep your eyes open and learn!
  • There will be 4 members in a team
  • We will try our best to ensure you don’t know your team mates, so be ready to meet new people 🙂
  • The fastest team to uncover all clues and perform all tasks in the right sequence, wins
  • Only a few tasks require you to spend money, but you might need to use cabs to get around faster. We suggest you carry a little extra cash (About Rs 100 to Rs 150 per person)
  • Atleast one team member needs to have a Smartphone with a good camera and good 3G internet speed
  • Fashion is awesome, but we suggest you wear comfortable clothes!

For inquiries

Mail to  [email protected]

Or call +91 9833-163-486

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