Malvani Flavors | A delicious food pop-up!

There is more than just virgin beaches and pleasant weather that the Konkan side of the country is blessed with. Let their food take your taste-buds on a trip and then you’ll know!

Malvani food belongs to Malvan, a small town in Sindhudug district of the Konkan region. The food has it’s own distinct flavors, cooking style and ingredients that will surely surprise you.

But if you can’t go to Malvan, you can come to Some Place Else! Join us at a food pop-up where our home chef will make your Sunday with a special meal!

Join in!
Date – Coming soon!
Destination – Madh Island

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  • Kombadi : Succulent aromatic chicken curry cooked in coconut based traditional Malvani gravy
  • Wade : A multigrain speciality from the kitchens of Malvan just right to compliment the Kombadi
  • Tallele mase (Fried Fish) : Fresh Fish – Catch of the day fried with very mild spices coated in semolina
  • Usal : A dry preparation of locally grown pulses
  • Waran : Lentils simmered in with salt. Childhood comfort food to start with rice
  • Sol Kadhi: A tangy drink made with coconut milk and home grown kokum. A tasty and delicious way to digest all of the above
  • Ukadiche modak (Dessert: Steamed Modak): God’s favourite dessert, hand made dumplings made with rice flour, coconut and jaggery and steamed to perfection.Oh, and did we tell you that the food will be served on a banana leaf? 😀

Cost: Rs 1,350/- per person
Includes: Food on menu


About the Host

Talk about spices, flavors, different cuisines with Hetal and her eyes will sparkle with joy. She’ll tell you every little detail about delicacies from all over the world with the energy and excitement of a little child!

Hetal has been intrigued with Malvani food since she was very young, thanks to her generous Malvani neighbors who let her get a taste of their home cooked food! Her kitchen doubles up as her experimental lab sometimes and she has perfected the art of making delicious Malvani fare.

For inquiries mail to  [email protected] Or call +91 9833-163-486