About us


The travel bug has bitten you and you want to explore destinations differently, but don’t know how to – then join us! We are on a mission to show you unseen destinations in India and around, experience off-beat and authentic places to stay and indulge in activities that will blow your mind.

So city dwellers, get out of your cubicle and experience life!

Weekend getaways

Take a quick break from the mundane and join us on one of our fun weekend getaways! Our getaways will always have a fantastic place to stay and a really fun activity, just to ensure you have a memorable weekend 🙂 Enjoy experiences like camping by the beach, a cultural weekend in a restored haveli and white water rafting in the monsoon!

DIY Holidays

Holidays with a twist! If you need a holiday but you’re bored of regular hotels, sights and experiences, take a look at our list of DIY Holidays. Carefully curated and packaged with the most off-beat destinations, quirky stays and exciting  activities, these holidays will ensure a really good time, whether you are traveling with family or friends.

Fun events in the city

You can always travel the world, but once in a while look at your own city with curious eyes and you will find a different world than you ever thought existed! Join us on our city trails, walks and other such fun day activities that you can enjoy in your city 🙂


We’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions, or want to share a trip idea or an experience with us, do get in touch 🙂

+91 9833163486 | [email protected]

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