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Cocky Van Dam Picture21

I joined the Karnala trek. It was a real Mumbai monsoon experience. It rained all day but I guess that made the it even more memorable. The trip was well organised. Great for people who don’t have their own transport, don’t have time/don’t know how to plan treks and who would like to get to know interesting people. It was fun!

Sagar D Shetty Picture21

Had a very good time with Some Place Else and a awesome team of Ritika and Pranav made the trip more fun. 5 on 5 for the trip and experience was really different and worthwhile. Thank u team Some Place Else

Shivani Mehta Picture21

I was a part of the “Two Wheels & the City” event on 26th June. It was one of the most amazing cycling experiences i had in this city. I was very happy being a part of this event which was very well hosted by “Some Place Else”. Pranav, the co-founder, who led the cycle ride was very encouraging and supportive. I really enjoyed the introduction part where pranav initiated a quick fun session when we reached Worli.

It was a much needed rejuvenating Sunday morning after a hectic week of work. Thank you “Some Place Else'” for organising such activities which our city really needs. Looking forward for many more.

Kaushalya T Madhavan Picture21

This was my first time with Some Place Else. I had gone to the Karnala Fort Trek. It was an amazing experience. Never thought trekking would be so much fun. Some Place Else has done a wonderful job in making sure we have a memorable time. Everything was well organised. From the bus that picked us up to the food and of course, not to forget – the trek leaders! Both Mayur and Kamraan did a commendable job. They just enhanced the fun quotient. Also, met so many new people and had an amazing time with a few of them.

Hope to have more such times with Some Place Else.


Pawan KeerPicture21

I went on a trek with Some Place Else recently, and had a wonderful day with the group. We hiked through the National Park on a beautiful Sunday morning. The naturalist/guide was very informative and talked about the biodiversity of the park, as he guided us through the beautiful terrain. We stopped on the way to the top for breakfast, prepared/packed by Ritika and Pranav. As we sat on the plateau, eating our samosa and poha, we had a magnificent view of the city, which looked so calm from that distance. We made our way through the park to the top, where we had lunch and had a view of the 3 lakes, a contrast from our view during breakfast. We sat there and chatted for quite a while, as the group exploded in conversation about the city, latest resturants, issues and other hikes. We were also lucky enough to experience an impromptu and hauntingly beautiful performance from a singer in our midst. Finally, we made our way back and called it a day. Thanks to Ritika and Pranav, for organising the whole experience, and looking forward to more.

Mehra Piyush Picture21

Every year i have a Big problem at the year end the Big question!!.

Where to go???

ITS very complex to plan a big trip…bookings , accommodation, food ,etc etc.

This year planed to make it simple and i booked at “Some place else”.
I had with me my wife , kid and MOM in law. was a bit skeptic.. so also had a plan B.
But as it was destined we were on the boat to “Some place else”.

The trip was great and best organised by Pranav and Ritika Saraf, we felt very comfortable and welcomed.

Best of Luck guys for future..

Pragya PatraPicture21

Nature’s trail to Mumbai’s highest point – The first formal serious trek of my life.
I had no company with me in the beginning so I looked for something on Facebook, found “Some Place Else In” and gave it a shot.
And I am superrr glad that I joined them else I would have missed one of the fun trips of my life. After this trek, I am 200% sure that all my free weekends are blocked for “Some Place Else In” Getaways ! 🙂

Mitali SalviPicture21

The first time I heard about Some Place Else at Murud through fb I thought I should call and check with them if they would let me get my dog along. I was pretty certain they wouldn’t entertain my request. But Ritika was the sweetest person ever and said she is prettified of dogs but I can still bring Panty along. We all had a complete blast over the weekend with the barbeque, singing and chilling by the beach. Since then we have been to a few of their events and had the best time and made some amazing friends along the way.

Jatin JadhwaniPicture21

It was my first experience with some place else! We had gone for a morning cycle from Bandra to Novotel, Juhu. I must say everything was planned very well and I’m sure everyone had a lot of fun! Looking forward to more adventures with them. 🙂

Sushant HebbarPicture21

I’ve been only on one trek with these people yet and they seem to known what they are doing. Karnala trek was conducted well, had a fun group of people that had come along for the trek. Cudnt have asked for more.

Kunal KanagatPicture21

I’m sort of a regular for their cycling events on Sundays & it’s been great so far. I’d like to go for their events out of town but let’s see when that happens!:)

Raisa ToliaPicture21

I went for The Little Gig Escape organized by them and it was wonderful. We set up our own tents and spent the night listening to great live music and also had our own BBQ. I never knew such a place existed so close to the city. I can’t wait to go for one of their trips soon! I strongly recommend it!

Varsha SinghPicture21

I went on trek with some place else to karnala fort n had a wonderful trekking experience.. Would like to thank Ritika for organising such an aweme trek n definetly our trek leaders(Mayur n Kamran) who managed the entire trek very well. I really had an awesome sunday..

Shweta DhawanPicture21

“I don’t have time at all” – one reason(or excuse) each of us use regularly when asked about adventure trips.
Well, not anymore. SomePlaceElse gave me this wonderful opportunity of utilising a Sunday efficiently.
Irshalgad, a sister fortress to Prabalgad near Chowk station is barely two hours from mumbai, located near a beautiful dam and a small village.
The trek was lead by Mayur and Kamran and boy, are they brilliant or are they brilliant !! The day was not only simple genuine fun but full of intellectual discussions (those are necessary).
We were taken good care of in terms of both, meals and safety.
Thankyou Ritika for organising this trek and Thankyou Mayur and Kamran for bringing us back alive and in one piece and for all the entertainment (even the lame jokes will be missed).
A great way to gain knowledge , escape from the city and make new friends, I’d suggest everyone to join these wonderful people.
Cheers !

Zeenal Shah JhobaliaPicture21

I love travelling and if someone can “make it just right” by planing one for you to interesting and less explored locations with a wonderful experience, how long could I miss it!
Mine first was Irshalgad; totally loved the trek, the interesting people I met and also thanks to the rain gods who just made it a perfect get away and worth a Sunday!
Surely lot more to explore with someplace else!
Ritika, start a membership program dude! Cheers

Ketaki Desai Picture21

Going with friends to meet more fun people, have brilliant food, at a lovely place, seems like the perfect way to spend a weekend. Add to that a bonfire, stars, sky lanterns, music, tents and the sea. Had a fabulous time with Some Place Else at their Murud campsite! Looking forward to some more such experiences.

Tanima Dutta Picture21

Had an amazing time at Karnala Fort trek with Someplace Else … Very well organized , and Mayur and Kamraan did a great job in helping and guiding us in all possible ways … Really looking forward to more such treks in the future

Nikhil Rao Picture21

I never really understood what’s the big deal about wanderlust until I went on a trek with Some Place Else. Experiences always last longer than material things. Will always remember this trip. These folks are fantastic at what they do! Do try it out.

Yash Yande Picture21

had a wonder experience with these guys, I went for a cycling activity with them. It was super fun. Enjoyed something new ,adventures just too good


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