Hungry in South Mumbai! | Food Trail

Tease your taste buds with Iranian, Mangalorean, Keralite and Parsi fare on our special Independence Day Food Trail!


Fort is a part of South Mumbai that is bustling with people and movement on weekdays, but it relatively quiet and peaceful on a Sunday evening. We will walk in some of Fort’s hidden by-lanes and sample interesting food from 4 different establishments that have been around for decades!

Tour highlights

1. Experience the old school ambience of an Irani Cafe
2. Tease your taste buds with Iranian, Mangalorean, Keralite and Parsi fare
3. Walk around in the charming by lanes of Fort and learn or thing or two things about it’s glorious history

Join in!

Date – To be scheduled
Time – 7 pm
Location – Fort, Mumbai
Duration: 3.0 hrs (tentatively, varies on time taken at each eatery)
No. of people: Max 12

Check out a glimpse of our previous Malvani Food Pop-up

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  • Irani Cafe – Irani chai, Brun Maska
  • Mangalorean Restaurant – Chicken Kotti (Non-veg) and Veg sukkha for vegetarians. Sol Kadhi (a refreshing drink/cooler made from a fruit called Kokum, coconut milk and chillies) for everyone
  • Keralite Food Joint – Onam Sadhya for everyone (it’s veg but non-veg guys love it too) a fish dish on the side for non-veg folks
  • Parsi Cafe – Lagan nu custard or caramel custard for dessert

COST: Rs. 1,100/- 


For inquiries: Mail to  [email protected] Or call +91 9833-163-486