The CuriousCity Challenge | Powai!

A fun challenge that will uncover some of the best kept secrets in the city!

The CuriousCity Challenge is now in a new location – Powai!

Powai, a more recent addition to the map of Mumbai as compared to our good ol’ Bandra and South Mumbai, may not boast of much history and heritage, but is a very homely and interesting neighborhood.

Whether you’re a resident, or are coming from afar, come join this hunt to discover some tiny little secret spaces and interesting nooks of Powai!

The CuriousCity Challenge | An Urban Treasure Hunt in Powai!


Meeting location: It’s a secret! (Exact location will be emailed to you once you register)
When: 10th June
Time: 5.00 pm
Ticket cost: Rs. 390 per person (Registration fee only)


 Please read a quick list of  things you should know given below before you sign up!  

1. Please carry some extra cash. About Rs 100 per person. You might need it to purchase something or to get around in Powai for the hunt
2. The most basic rule is – no two friends are not allowed to be in the same team. Decode clues with complete strangers. Trust us, it’ll be fun!
3. This trail is not for children. We are going to have a kids and parents treasure hunt soon.
Watch out for that one!

Do check out our previous treasure hunts in Bandra and South Mumbai!

Call 9833163486 or email us at for more details!