A Date with Flamingos!

A little birdie told us that there are pink islands in Mumbai.

Surprised? Well, we’re talking about beautiful flamingos that park themselves in Sewri every year, for a few weeks!

Join us on Saturday morning as we look at Flamingos, indulge in a bit of bird watching (literally), eat a snack and meet some interesting people. It’s not difficult to spot a Kingfisher or two, Sandpipers, Egrets and more. Let’s go meet these beautiful birds!

When: 8th April (Saturday)
Time: 7.15 am
Meet us at: Sewri Railway Station

Cost per person: Rs 490
Link: http://imojo.in/8zjmrq

1. Naturalist expertise
2. A box of fresh snacks

Does not include:
1. Travel
2. Any other meals or activities

For more information, call us on 9833163486 or email us at info@someplaceelse.in. See you!