Guided Walk | Byculla’s Hidden Stories

Do you know that Byculla has more than just the city’s zoo? Do you know that the oldest museum of Mumbai is actually not the CSMVS (Prince of Wales), but actually, the museum in Byculla?

Are you aware of the history, heritage, culture and hidden secrets of this less talked about, but very important, place in Mumbai?

Walk with us to uncover some amazing stories!

A guided walk through Byculla
When: 10th Sept | 8 am

Cost: Rs 790 per person
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This walk is guided by history and heritage expert, Alisha Sadikot. Her interactive style and in depth knowledge, makes walking with her really fun!

About Byculla: Once a low lying swamp submerged by every high tide, Byculla benefitted from crucial reclamation work and grew into a rich residential suburb in the early 19th century, attracting the most affluent of Bombay’s citizens and its most sophisticated infrastructure – including its very first museum!

In the latter 1800’s, the building of the mills and workers’ housing transformed the character and face of the neighbourhood. The Bombay Plague of the 1890’s brought a tumultuous century to its close; the next would bring even more upheaval. To walk through Byculla today is to be in two places at once – Mumbai in its past, and its future. Focusing on Byculla’s physical spaces and unique contemporary character, this walk encourages an exploration of the city’s complex histories, its present moment and potential futures.

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